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  Temas Prensa

Unión alta

1- Bolivian bueys(NS)
2- Trepar por las paredes (Marcela Passadore)
3- Canto labriego (Teresa Parodi)
4- Poblado de duendes (NS)
5- Chiriguare (Canción popular)
6- Los chanchos correran por las praderas (Marcos Cabezaz)
7- Llevo tus sonidos (NS)
8- Enamorada del muro (NS)
9- Eones (NS)
10- La jardinera (Violeta Parra)
11- Corazonado (Gustvo "Cuchi" Leguizamón)
12- Humus (Julián Solarz)
13- Dos soles (Quique Sinesi)
14- Saramani (Lilian Saba)


Liliana Herrero (voz en tema 3)

Marcos Cabezaz (voz en tema 6)

Marcela Passadore (voz en tema 2)

Catalina Ward Sarmoria (voz en tema 5)

Analia Sambuco (voz en tema 11)

Repercusiones de "Unión Alta", nuevo disco de la Orquesta Sudamericana
LA NACION - enero 2012 mauro apicella
"With so much new, some discs worth sitting quietly listening.
All that flows well amalgamated into a sound that is beginning to be distinctive and traits. A very good excuse to continue making music in orchestral plan. "

CLARIN noviembre 2011- Eduardo Slusarczuk
Also part of both worlds-the classical training and folk-Nora Sarmoria, now in its tenth CD in just over three decades of experience, during which he toured Europe and Japan as well as collaborating with Liliana Herrero, Saba and Quique Lilián Sinesi, among others.

PAGINA 12 diciembre 2011 cristian vitale
The "go over" the sum of concatenated chal-lenges that are more or less constant in the artistic evolution of this formidable composer at the piano, there were other means: first, to assemble an orchestra of 25 musicians focused specifically on South American rhythmic styles

REVISTA 23 - Nicolás Russo
"... Sarmoria can (...) make the group sound delicate and complex or become rich and powerful with a well defined sound and excellent interaction between the musicians."

Daniel Gaguine - El caleidoscopio de Lucy
http://elcaleidoscopiodelucy.blogspot.com.ar/2011/11/disco-union-alta-de-la-orquesta.htm "... The album has very good sound and was excellently recorded. The instruments sound clear and precise. The variety and experimentation come together on a CD that is a gift for the discerning ear of good musical quality. "

Carlos Salatino - Tiempo Argentino
"... The detailed work of musical research allows development Sarmoria symphonic arrangements of different rhythms and styles of our continent that are enclosed on this disc, as the milonga, candombe, chacarera, the tango, the Chilean cueca, baión Brazilian or Peruvian lando and festejo. "

Pablo Vázquez - Diario Popular
"... The diversity of winds looks masterfully managed the orchestra while also cover more intimate encounters of different kinds of instruments (...) The proposal achieved fluently and has a healthy tone brash"

Jorge García - El Amante
"... An album that confirms, if need be, Nora Sarmoria talent, constant creative projects and various South American Orchestra as one of the groups that best expresses, from a symphony perspective, the spirit of Argentina and South American folk music" .